Projects involve excellent team communication and efficiency anywhere, anytime. But even the best teams need a collaboration work space to help them function as a efficient team.

When our customer decided his team needed an efficient collaboration tool, we knew that whatever the solution might be it must fit the team or they won’t use it.

So we developed T-Space, a collaboration platform equipped with all the team needs to track a project from kick-off to launch. The flexibility and the intuitive features of the app are the key to the team’s improved collaboration and productivity.

With T-Space teams have all information at their fingertips, in one place, organized, updated, accessible anytime, anywhere. You’re just a click away to find out what’s new on your dashboard.  That’s extremely valuable for time-sensitive projects. The advanced privacy feature gives personalized access and permission, so it’s so easy to decide who sees what.

T-Space is the perfect choice for our client, helping their team work efficiently, collaborate easily and get things done.

Quick Facts
Category: Portal
Industry: Office Automation
Client location: Romania
Technologies: Liferay, CSS3, HTML5, PHP
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