Technology already plays an essential role in healthcare. When an awarded team of surgeons from the pediatric department of a private hospital challenged us, we embraced the project with all our hearts and expertise.

The team involves world wide doctors so they needed a tool to help them prepare, prevent and cope with cardiac surgery challenges .

Our solution is translated into ArdoCARE, an easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data.  Making life or death decisions in this filed requires improved healthcare decision support. And that’s exactly what ArdoCARE delivers – an efficient decision support system for collective and collaborative work designed to facilitate surgeons in decision making.

We the team believe that everything ArdoCARE has to offer its beneficiaries will make a true difference in the world.

Quick Facts
Category: Portal
Industry: Healthcare
Client location: Europe
Technologies: API: Symfony (PHP)
Front End & Back End : Liferay, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
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