Today health providers and healthcare companies develop web and mobile apps to deliver vital health information to their patients/users.

Our challenge was to build a secure and reliable platform to help innovative developers integrate their health app, be it a portal, web app, analysis tool or a health companion.

The solution is, a user-centric health integration platform that enables healthcare providers, medical device manufacturers, health app developers and healthcare companies to seamlessly collect, store and exploit body/health data. The modular architecture supports current and future devicessensors and wearables.

Our easy-to-access APIs set up access to a developer community and provides streamlined tools for efficient work. was successfully integrated in PEGASO – a personalized guidance service for optimizing lifestyle in teenagers through awareness, motivation and engagement.

Quick Facts
Category: Portal
Industry: Healthcare, IT&C
Client location: Multiple partners worldwide
Technologies: Liferay DXP, PostgreSQL
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